Eat Think Vote at The Depot NDG!

The Depot NDG hosted its Eat Think Vote event with a great turnout on Friday September 13! We were thrilled to be present at this event.

The food security organisation welcomed 59 participants in its Community Food Center. The event was organized in a round table format, each with a theme where participants could discuss with a different candidate every 10 minutes. We could choose between four topics: Food as a Human Right, Food Insecurity and Poverty, Food and Health, Sustainable Food Systems/Environment. 


The candidates present at the event were: Neil Drabkin (Conservative), Robert Green (Green Party), Franklin Gertler (NDP) and Earl Wertheimer for Andre Valiquette (The People’s Party of Canada). 

Many personal stories were shared around the tables, some spoke about the many challenges to access healthy and sustainable food in NDG. We then shared a delicious Middle Eastern meal prepared The Depot’s chef while talking further about issues people living in food insecurity face everyday.