Central Okanagan event a success!

News from the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council says that they had a shared the following article from their Eat Think Vote in BC:

Thank-you to those who participated in the Eat Think Vote event on Thursday October 10th, 2019, where we had over 20 attendees. The event was jointly hosted by the Central Okanagan Food Bank and The Central Okanagan Food Policy Council.

Conversations like the one we had were bringing voices together across the country to make food a major election issue, and most importantly, to show our representatives that their constituents deeply care about the food they eat, how it is produced and where it comes from.

This event was non-partisan and coordinated by Food Secure Canada, with events from coast to coast to coast, encouraging communities to dialogue with their federal candidates about how we can improve our food system. Thousands of people have been sharing about their day-to-day realities in food, and candidates have been speaking about how they would implement change for Canada and respond to the food issues facing their constituencies.

Candidates from the Kelowna – Lake Country riding included Travis Ashley  (Green Party of Canada) and Justin Kulik (NDP).

Mr. Stephen Fuhr from the Liberal party of Canada sent his regrets and has provided written statements to the advanced questions.  Unfortunately, we did not hear from Ms. Tracey Gray from the Conservative Party of Canada in response to the invitation.

A concurrent election event in Summerland for the Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola riding was happening and all candidates provided their regrets. Ms Mary Ann Murphy, Liberal Party of Canada provided written statements to the advanced questions.

The panel questions followed three categories: Zero Hunger, Supporting Young Farmers, and Healthy School Food. The open questions from attendees included questions about Indigenous Food Sovereignty, food desserts, community food action support and support for current farmers.

We thank Mr. Kulik and Mr. Ashley for their participation and openness in responding to the questions put to them.