Winnipeg candidates chat with community at farmers market

The Farm Fresh Food Hub started in Winnipeg, MB 4 years ago, where their farmers’ market has grown to include crafts and other programming for the community. This year, they hosted an Eat Think Vote for the first time because in addition to being a farmers’ market, they are also a food hub that wants to see food system transformation. “We wanted to create a space for healthy debate and to increase awareness about local food issues,” explained Asha Nelson of Farm Fresh.

Their event brought together over 700 people in the riding of Winnipeg South Centre, in addition to farmers, food vendors, and artisans during the last market of their season.

Read more over at Farm Fresh Food Hub’s blog article on their Eat Think Vote in the riding of Winnipeg South Centre, with candidates Jim Carr (the Liberal incumbent)Elizabeth Shearer (NDP)James Beddome (Green Party), and Linda Marynuk (Christian Heritage). Please note that Jim Carr was not available to be interviewed for their blog article.

Read the blog here.